Vermelding in de catalogus van de expositie "XXI Century Art Decoration1" - 26 september-9 oktober 2009 in de Opera Gallery in Boedapest (Hongarije) tesamen met Andreas Dietrich (Duitsland), Dimitri Vojnov (Bulgarije), Erica Rönnbäck (Zweden) en Alexandra-Maria Marcus (Oostenrijk). De catalogus is hier te downloaden:[1].pdf


Klein stukje uit het commentaar van Tibor Szonyi bij deze expositie:

"Today there are no clear and dominant trends, although we can identify various tendencies. The past lives on in a newartistic style. Today's artists like Dimitri Vojnov are frequently inspired by the old masters. Traditional genres are taken up once more and imbued with more psychological and existential layers, with the artists allowing themselves to be led their own personalities and emotions. While many contemporary artists exhibit figurative tendencies, in the work of others new media are playing an increasingly important role. Whatever the approch, it will always be difficult to adequately record the changing face of contemporary art. We are always consulting with the public on what people value about the arts. But it is clear already that artists like Mais, Erica Rönnback, Alexandra-Maria Marcus and Andreas Dietrich can change perceptions of place, create aspiration an unlock potential.

Tibor Szonyi"


Aankondiging van de expositie in the Hungarian National Cultural Foundation:

Aankondiging in de Budapest Program Magazine:

Artikel in MIX Magazin: 


Update: De Opera Gallery in Boedapest is na jaren gesloten en hun website is offline. De catalogus van de expositie is nog wel online te bekijken als PDF, ik heb hier een simpele YouTube uitvoering van gemaakt: